Are You There Mindy? It's Me, Everyone: Life According to Dr. Lahiri

Not ALL female characters have to be disapproving wives or murder victims, you know? When it comes to legit examples of strong, complicated, unapologetically weird women in pop culture (besides Kathie Lee or Hoda), these days one can't really do much better than Mindy Kaling's title character from The Mindy Project.…

Meet the man behind some of America's most indelible street art

Lucha libre and Jarritos aren’t the only Mexican staples to make themselves at home north of the border. Mexican art also leaves its mark on America thanks to street artists like Federico Archuleta. Federico has been creating large-scale street art in Austin, TX for the past 10 years, using stencils and freehand…

Bourbon Goes Best with Everything from Pork Rinds to Porterhouse Steak

Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang from Immaculate Infatuation are on a mission: explore the world of fine dining and bourbon pairing, come hell or high levels of bourbon. After conquering Dallas, Seattle, and San Fran, they returned home to New York City to see what the Big Apple had to offer.