Which Are the Worst Episodes of Lost?

I wish this Vulture article was on Kinja so we could discuss the worst episodes of Lost. So I'm bringing it in. I love the show, but there are some real stinkers sprinkled in among the brilliance.

I'm re-watching the entire series on Netflix (call me morbid, but I was inspired to do so by the mystery of Flight 370), and am suffering through Season 5 now. Is there a more boring group of people than the assholes who showed up on the chopper (Lapidus excepted)? Die, Charlotte, die!


Anyway. Carlton Cuse mentions the classic horror "A Stranger In a Strange Land" (Bai Ling's flesh and a kite play major roles) and author Margaret Lyons mentions "Across the Sea" (island origin storyzzzzzzz) - but what about the narcolepsy-inducing "Something Nice Back Home" in which Juliet and Kate (?) remove Jack appendix? (Fine, I liked the cold open with sexy Kate/Jack, but that's about it.)

What are your most loathed episodes?

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